SPORT Village Glamping Biscione

The layout of the coast and its exposure to wind makes this area particularly suitable for wind-based water sports; numerous activities can be enjoyed on the beach next to the campsite: kitesurfing, windsurfing,
wave surfing and SUP, as well as diving, snorkeling and sports fishing.


Kitesurfing is undoubtedly the activity that has attracted the most people here in recent years; so much so that the area has been the venue for several national and international competitions. Depending on the winds that blow over the sea at Biscione, this stretch of coast lends itself to kitesurfers of all levels, from beginner to professional, as well as anyone who loves wave and freestyle surfing, with several kilometres of natural locations.


Windsurfing is the favourite sea discipline of the residents of this area, who can always be seen zooming among the waves, even in the middle of winter.
For windsurfers too, the medium to large waves are ideal for freestyling and can be used to showcase spectacular skills.


Anyone who loves a thrill can’t resist the temptation to try the “KILLER”, a stretch of sea that has always challenged even the boldest surfers with its incredible waves and rocky coastline.
The scratches on the boards of those who take the challenge are proud evidence of their courage.


SUP is another of the possible activities to try at Biscione. On windless days SUP is the ideal way to explore the rocky inlets of the coast and fall in love with the sandy shallows whose crystal-clear water gives glimpses of many species of fish and shellfish as they move around on the hunt for food.


Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will love to explore the sea at Biscione and observe the wonderful seabed teeming with life thanks to the luxuriant underwater vegetation and the countless species that live there. And the more adventurous will enjoy the chance of exploring the famous wreck of an old steamship that sank a little way off the coast and is now home to countless species of fish, including some large ones.


There’s plenty of fun for fishing fans! The sea at Biscione is rich and generous, allowing visitors to fish numerous kinds of blue fish and other species, some very large. It’s easy to return to the resort with a good haul and enjoy some exceptionally flavoursome fish.


Guests wishing to try yoga, or those who already practise, will discover how compatible the resort is with this discipline, thanks to its wonderful natural surroundings and the relaxing atmosphere that prevails from dawn to dusk. There’s also the opportunity to try yoga on special floating boards, for an unforgettable experience.